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Can you beat the casino? Here’s some casino tips that will help you understand your chances of winning at an online casino. We compare the benefits of betting at a physical casino vs an online casino and explore real techniques used by professional gamblers. And regular players. I have been betting on and off for 10 years and have been gambling on slots for around 5 years. My experience and enthusiasm is what drove me to blog about slots.

This is an opinion based post, from the experiences of myself and other regular/professional gamblers. We are not accountable for your wins or losses. Always bet/play responsibly.


Las Vegas is the obvious place where many gamblers and newly weds holiday and bet frivolously. Many people win big in Las Vegas! It’s the largest casino strip well worth traveling for. The slots pay out well especially the penny slots. But for more serious gamblers, caution is key. Those who can afford to blow their money and have a trip of a lifetime.

Las Vegas

Remember that betting is entertainment. People often forget that it’s an entertainment system. While the games give something back, the longer you play, the more money you’re likely to lose.

Having Exceptional Mathematical Genius Or Memory Skills

Can You Beat The Casino? 1Rain Man Casino Scene – Lets Play Some Cards – Tom Cruise & Dustin Hoffman – Double Down

Many regular or professional gamblers have some sort of advanced skills; maths, logic or memory and have a computer like brain. Therefore they can have increased skills to gather odds on results via their analytical and statistics gathering brains. But should they become emotional in any way, these skills will be impacted. Savant syndrome can include having advanced maths and memory skills. But this can becoming upsetting if there is a large loss. People with advanced logic and maths do generally perform better at trading and betting. But this is rarely if at all discussed. Members of the general public in the 1st percentile of the intelligence Quotient test, usual perform better. Those with high IQ’s win at over 50%.

Basically, geniuses WIN more times than they lose, IF they can keep some funds and NOT go all out, in one hit. The odds are in their favour (those with high IQ/1st percentile/advanced maths/logic). But if upset or tired, even a genius will lose.

The idea is to be cool, calm, collected and make a fast exit!

Online casinos tend to pay out more when you first deposit. We’re not sure why. Similarly if you have a medium or large sized win, you will attract more wins. Though, over time once again, this can slope off and fade away. Withdrawing those wins is far more important than going for more. Leave some change in and play a couple of times and leave. That’s what I do. If you feel like depositing or find a good slot, at least you still have your winnings! You are free to spend them at any other casino or bookmakers as well.

Chasing losses never works unless you have amazing restraint and will power. Then you may see more than your total deposits. Chasing losses often leads to addiction, depression or worse. So, only play what you can afford and choose a coin size which suits your wallet. Highly experienced players can turn things around by redepositing 50% of the time but they know what they’re doing. Secondly they are prepared and can accept the loss. If someone is playing at such a high level, reserve your comments. Who knows they might become a millionaire! But usually, it is strongly unadvisable to redeposit or chase losses.

I deposited 50 and lost, I deposited 30 and was able to win over 2,000 but because I had been playing for so long, had considered withdrawing but not actually done it, I lost. I should have withdrawn my winnings and left.

-Professional Gambler I won over 2,000 and should have withdrawn my winnings and left.

Nothing for the pro that day. But professional gamblers usually are able to play without emotion, they think logically and bet or trade cool, calm and professional. Cool like a cucumber. Professional gamblers also make errors occasionally as above.

The truth is even professional gamblers “take a break” and they need to. It’s better to mix and match your smaller bets at lottery, games, a race and be a bit more casual. This is what I do on a Saturday morning! This is how I started. And I know that fate can catch up with me if it’s ever meant to be. Even the smallest amount I will play and keep myself synchronised with the stars. I believe there’s always a chance!

I often take a break for around 3-6 months at a time and sometimes the casinos pay me to come back! I know I can’t win all of the time. So I play for a week or two then stop. I also get birthday credits and lots of loyalty points and nice surprises.

I receive loyalty gifts like; a 500 Apple Vouchers

But when we remember the amount of people who are going hungry in this world, it does effect your thinking about money. I always try to help someone and appreciate my winnings as much as possible. And that helps to keep me winning, usually.

Big Wins Are Far And Few Between

The odds might have changed, but the wins are still big. With more players and more casinos, the slot servers are busier than ever. It helps if you understand the real workings of an online casino and how the games are hosted. They are hosted at the slot games sites, not at various online casinos. Sometimes they are hosted across a network of casinos, sharing their progressive jackpots and exclusive games. Most of the slots played are hosted by their providers/software makers.

I always play jackpot slots. Just in case I get lucky.

Casino Bonuses And Wagering Requirements

Wager requirements kind of suck, but actually the bonus has a higher value. Wagering requirements were put in place to stop the abuse of casino welcome bonus offers. They’ve increased substantially. But a few casinos keep their WR lower. For example SlotsMillions. Whether the bonus money is worth a lot more is debatable. At some casinos with a higher WR they set their new players to win. Presumably this is done via bonus coins/chips. Casino Rewards increased their WR from 30 to 60 and it is now at 200x But still I have managed to win a small jackpot. Sometimes we will never know for sure!

Can You Beat The Casino? 2

New players should look at the wagering requirement, the review of the casino and size of the jackpots. Also, evaluate if they have time to take up the casino offer at that time. Some casino bonus offer are opt-in, some are automatic and some you can forfeit.

These are the main points to consider. How long will it take to get through the bonus and can you make time for that?. What games will you play? What games to demo/try. Should you play in demo mode first? The purpose of the bonus is for you to demo a few games. But if the game isn’t clear, you should always play the demo and look at the pay table. A lot of slot games show the bonus game early on. If you haven’t looked at the pay table and rules, you could miss out BIG TIME!

Those who don’t have time can deposit and if there’s a bonus you can ask for it to be removed. Playing for real money and without a bonus is easier. Yet a bonus played across a lot of games can increase winnings later on the reload.. (#strategyno1)

Nudge Or Don’t Nudge?

I would say only nudge if you are very low on coins. Nudging too many times can be calculated as cheating and may cause losses. You can also miss incredible wins. We can’t see as fast as a computer can perform. Often extra paying lines or 5 bonuses can land. But if you click a lot you’ll miss those. My personal preference, despite years of nudging is not to nudge. There are a couple of games, you will never win unless you nudge. But in most cases, it’s not worth doing. Be very patient.. (#strategyno2)

How Much To Bet?

Well, traders and professionals will only risk less than 5%-10% and that’s a pretty good guide (10% is considered high risk). But if you calculate the length of time, the budget, the RTP return to player percentage and everything else/your winnings you might for example decide to play a certain number of times on a lower bet and a few times on higher bet or max bet. Create a formula which works for you and discover the best coin for each game and make a note of it. Set yourself a time and win/loss limits. This is important! (#strategyno3)

Betting in real casinos is different as there is no wagering requirement. But there are loose slots, if you’re lucky! Generally the penny slot machines are easier. Though there are some well known slot games that pay out, if you play at the right coin size and have enough funds to play.

playing loose slots at a physical casinoloose slots

Playing Table Games Online

Physical casinos have a lot of security to prevent casino cheats. Saying that, there are a few players who might question their experience at a real casino. The possibility of cheating or rigging can go either way! I can’t elaborate on this as many people run a tight ship and legitimate casino. But there are always exceptions, I suppose. You might win at a physical casino but the odds are against you. They also use more card decks than when you play at home and roulette is machine driven. If there is any dispute, you can watch back via video. But we thought we saw the croupier press a button! We left.

Online casino table games have the highest payouts at online casinos (video poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette) 97-99%. or RTP % (up to 99.8%) but they are not counted in your bonus as wager requirement or will only count as a percentage e.g., 15%. -WR *games % may vary. This is because they generally pay out much more!!! (#strategyno4)

Therefore, in theory it is probable that you have the opportunity to win more money in a shorter amount of time playing table games. But remember you can win or lose. Different bet sizes might affect your chances.

Mobile Casinos

The advantage of playing at an online casino is that you can play from any device, without having to go outside and without someone taking your winnings when you leave the machine for casino chips/coins. Mobile casinos also offer live casino games and a variety of slots. Many people win when playing on their mobile phones! (#strategyno5)

Can You Win At Online Casinos?

Can you win at online casinos? Can you beat the casino? And can you beat the wagering requirement? Absolutely!

When we make a casino referral, we can see that a great percentage of players are actually winning. The average winner vs loser is probably around 55% winner 45% loser. While it does at times take some skills, strategy and knowledge, it is more than possible to leave satisfied.

play slots online

The thing about online slot sites is that there are so many offers, you need to choose carefully and read the small print.

How Do People Win On Slots?

Win On Slots Tips For Beginners

Choose A Good BonusPlay Jackpot GamesChange Your Games OftenPlay On Auto Play Take Regular Breaks Be Grateful When You WinDon’t Expect Any Symbols/WinsReduce Your Coin Size/Play LowRead The Pay Tables/RulesPlay Demo Games Before Betting

Bonus money is usually played after real cash (but not always the case). You can use the bonus money to try and win a jackpot, daily jackpot, progressive jackpot, etc. Play a few jackpots and see which type suit you. We play these jackpot slots because there is usually a jackpot ready to drop. If you win more than the bonus money, it makes sense to forfeit and withdraw it. Should that not be possible, here’s the next step in this strategy… Look for the ugliest games or oldest games. They are sometimes like hidden treasure. I had a massive win on a retro looking game. Slots that are played less often, might just be ready to pop!

Auto play is great for triggering random feature games and feature bonuses. It is also better on your eyes if you’re playing from a personal laptop/notebook, handheld device/tablet or mobile. If you’re playing through a bonus, this could take a while and you will want to get the bonuses as often as you can.

As previously mentioned, look after yourself and your eyesight and take regular breaks. Make a tea/coffee/hot chocolate. And remember to enjoy yourself. Play low for the most time and see if you’re lucky. If not you can always withdraw if you used our 10% method, losses shouldn’t be that bad and maybe, you’ll live to play another day!

If You’re Feeling A Bit Frisky Or Drunk Don’t Gamble

When you feel horny or frisky, you can win lots of money and lose lots of cash. People who gamble when they’re drinking are also taking a huge risk. While it’s still possible to win, especially if you are in a good mood. Call a friend instead!

Beating The Casino Summary

We are all trying to beat the casino and these are the best casino tips I can give to my readers, after 5-10 yrs experience. Never EXPECT to win if you are playing at any risk level or any amount of wager. Betting is betting! Play with care.

Stick with low risk bets and cash out while you can!

Always play responsibly be gamble aware (18+)

How do you beat the casino? Comment below in the comment section!